//Indoor Sprinkler Extinguishes Garbage Fire at Self Storage Complex

Indoor Sprinkler Extinguishes Garbage Fire at Self Storage Complex

A Toms River self-storage complex was permitted to remain open Monday after a garbage can fire ignited inside, according to Toms River fire officials. The East Dover Fire Company responded to the blaze at the SmartStop Self Storage complex located at 3200 Route 37 East at 7:30 p.m., said Bureau of Fire Prevention Director James Mercready.
East Dover Fire Company responded to fire call at SmartStop on Route 37 Monday night. Upon arrival, crews found smoke on the first floor of the building. A fire sprinkler was activated and had extinguished the fire in a large plastic commercial garbage can, Mercready said.

Fire crews, under the direction of Chief Richard Tutela, secured the control valve to the sprinkler system, removed the garbage can and its contents from the building and conducted salvage and overhaul operations, Mercready said.

“Fortunately, the system functioned properly and the business will be allowed to remain open with only some minor clean up of the building required,” Mercready said in a statement.

The 155-degree sprinkler head controlled and suppressed the fire, preventing its spread elsewhere in the building.

“A properly designed and maintained fire sprinkler system is an essential component in fire protection in both residential and commercial structures.”

Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention Inspector Kieran Flynn determined that the blaze was accidental and caused by discarded smoking materials in the plastic garbage can, according to Mercready.

No injuries were reported in the incident, according to the director.

by Gregory Kyriakakis