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Primex Wireless sensors make manual monitoring and data logging a thing of the past. Secure sensors communicate via your existing IT network to alert you when conditions warrant attention. You’ll save time, maximize productivity and create an overall safer environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Cloud-based temperature and IAQ monitoring

OneVue is the easiest way to free staff members of tedious environmental monitoring activities. A completely cloud-based system, OneVue ensures 24/7 protection of your patients, valuable medications and sensitive materials, without any software or servers to install or maintain. Convenient, mobile-first architecture allows you to access OneVue from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Data is tied to the physical equipment, room or assets/inventory you are monitoring – not to the sensor/data logger – providing comprehensive, historical data trails for compliance audits.
  • Built on the secure Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, trusted worldwide to deliver stable, reliable performance.
  • OneVue is on guard 24/7: continuous, automated monitoring protects the viability of sensitive assets and safety of critical environments.
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Find out how much you could save by using wireless temperature monitoring

Manually checking and documenting refrigeration temperatures is costly. To learn how much you could save in labor alone by adopting Primex Wireless data logging temperature sensors, simply fill in the fields below with data from your organization. Then contact us for an on-site analysis and demonstration of our robust system.