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Synchronized Clocks

Primex Wireless clocks and timers link seamlessly, using either your existing Wi-Fi network or a GPS/NTP time source and a specialized transmission frequency, to form a simple, wireless time-synchronization platform. This combination of accuracy and convenience makes Primex Wireless synchronized clocks and timers the superior time-keeping solution.

SNS™ – Synchronize Devices Across Your Facility Using Your Existing Wi-Fi Network

Upgrade to the Primex Synchronous Network System (SNS) to wirelessly synchronize clocks and communicate with other devices using your own Wi-Fi network. The SNS Application Management Platform (AMP) provides an intuitive interface to monitor time synchronization and diagnostic information for each device located throughout every building connected to your network.

  • Every clock automatically stays synchronized to within 300 milliseconds through power outages and Daylight Saving Time shifts, saving hours of manual labor.
  • Automated email alerts are issued when batteries are running low or a clock or timer is out of synchronization.
  • Digital floor-plan in the software shows status and location of each connected device.
  • Reports can be quickly viewed and exported for regulatory compliance and documentation.
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XR Series – Consistent Synchronization Performance Throughout Your Facility

XR Series wireless clocks use GPS-acquired time or a Network Time Protocol (NTP) time source and our proprietary transmission frequency to synchronize throughout your facility. Our unique 72MHz frequency easily penetrates common building materials and transmits across longer distances with less potential for signal interference. With the XR system, you can centrally synchronize all clocks within a school, district, or across a sprawling campus to keep classes and meetings running on time.