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Cerberus PRO Fire Detectors

Fast, Reliable Detection with Patented Technology

Cerberus PRO provides detectors for different applications. They can be used in clean environments like data centers or dirty environments like auto repair shops. Thanks to their intelligent technology, the detectors quickly and reliably analyze the main criteria for fire, smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. Siemens unique ASAtechnology™ also provides protection against false alarms, even in demanding environments. This ensures business continuity without unnecessary and costly interruptions – and increased fire safety for people and assets.
The Cerberus PRO detector family includes:

  • Innovative technology for enhanced detection
  • Advanced detectors for demanding environments
  • Standard detectors for normal environments



About Fire Detectors

State-of-the-art Forward\backward Light Scattering Technology

The advanced optical analysis of light and dark smoke particles mean Cerberus™ PRO detectors are extremely sensitive, virtually immune to false alarms, and provide very early detection. Advanced detectors comply with NFPA 76 (Telecommunication Standard) and are classified as Very Early Warning Fire Detectors (VEWFD). They also provide enhanced detection capability equivalent to ionization detectors. They are also RoHS compliant and meet the standards regarding the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, which makes them environmentally friendly and a great replacement for ionization detectors.

Redundant Sensors

Two thermal and two optical sensors increase the reliability of Cerberus PRO detectors. This redundancy heightens their immunity to deceptive phenomena and increases their detection capability and reliability. Should one sensor fail, the detector will still provide fail-safe operation.


Siemens unique ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal Analysis) is a highly advanced technology based on the forward and backward light scattering technology and redundant sensors. The advanced detectors intelligently detect smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide in any environment – without false alarms.


Multi-criteria fire detector with forward/backward light scattering technology and additional CO sensor for enhanced detection and carbon monoxide Life Safety


Cerberus PRO Advanced DetectorsAdvanced Detector

Detectors with Exceptional Technology

Siemens unique ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal Analysis) provides Cerberus™ PRO advanced detectors (OOH941 & OOHC941) with an exceptionally fast response to flames caused by the combustion of liquid and solid matter. They are also highly reliable in preventing false alarms caused by deceptive on-site phenomena like:

  • Machine exhaust gases
  • Dust
  • Steam

Detectors with  ASAtechnology provide both fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detection with innovative technology for maximum life safety. The additional CO sensor provides the earliest detection of CO-generating fumes independently from fire. The CO detector complies with the requirements of the fire safety and carbon monoxide codes and standards UL 2075 and NFPA 720.

Customizable Protection in Any Environment

Cerberus PRO Advanced detectors can be optimally tailored to meet current environmental requirements. Offering more than 20 application-specific detection profiles, they can be adjusted to the expected environmental condition. You can also easily and quickly change between the profiles, should the conditions change. This makes the advanced detectors a safe and long-term investment.

Cerberus PRO Advanced detectors are especially suited for:

  • Data centers and IT equipment
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Restaurants and small commercial kitchens
  • Auto repair shops and parking garages
  • Industrial production facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Power generation facilities



Cerberus PRO Standard Detectorscerberus detector family

Detectors for Standard Applications

Backed by many years of field experience and proven under numerous operating conditions, the standard fire detectors form Cerberus™ PRO provide comprehensive safety. They provide reliable detection performance using detection algorithms; making them a great choice in standard environmental conditions where only occasional deceptive phenomena occur, such as:

  • Conference rooms
  • Stairwells
  • Offices
  • Hotel rooms



Product Description/consists of Sensors
Multi-criteria fire detector OH921
  • Multi-criteria addressable detector
  • Utilizes detection algorithms for early detection of a wide range of fire signatures
  • Rejects deceptive phenomena that may cause false alarms
  • 3 selectable application profiles
Single optical (photoelectric) and single thermal (heat) sensor



Optical (photoelectric) smoke detector OP921
  • Photoelectric, light-scattering, addressable detector
  • An economical solution suitable for normal commercial applications
  • 3 selectable application profiles
  • One additional Air Duct application profile
  • Operating temperature range of 32°F (0°C) to 120°F (49°C)
  • UL listed for direct in-duct plenum usage (without duct housing)
Single optical sensor

Thermal (heat) detector HI921
  • Intelligent themistor-based heat detector
  • 8 selectable temperature settings, ranging from 135°F (57°C) to 175°F (79°C)
  • Offers programmable options for fixed temperature, rate-of-rise, and a selectable “Low Temperature” warning should the temperature drop below 40°F (4°C)
Single thermal sensor


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